Photos imported from my former Tumblr blog ‘round pdx; hover to read descriptions, click on any photo to see it LARGER:


slightly suspicious squee


post pancakes


mt. tabor park

random rose on a utility pole in the city of roses

brilliant color just outside my door

fir tree fur


keep portland wired


doorway detail

orange and intricate

to the rescue! (this was actually a very clear still photo, as the fire truck was sitting at a stop light; I employed a wind effect, from the left, to see how it would turn out)

practical meets whimsical!


a row open to the sun…

one of portland’s little neighborhood lending libraries

ready for a sunday walk

i may have been forced to pose for this selfie, but i’ll be darned if i’ll look at the camera!

red square cafe

Sunnyside Centenary United Methodist Church (cell phone photo)

custom yarn from Yarnia, for the Japanese Summer Scarf i am making

sound grounds coffee house (cell phone photo)


bargain pre-wound yarn cones from Yarnia

buffalo exchange on se 37th (cell phone photo)

pita pizza with chick’n-flavored soy curls, kalamata and nicoise olives, drizzled with olive oil vinaigrette, topped with daiya vegan mozzarella cheese

zupan’s market on belmont (cell phone photo)

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