12-31bsmI started this blog in 2009 as an adjunct to my writing website, but it quickly began to take on a life of its own. It evolved from writing about writing to include some of my other interests and eventually became a running weekly blog about my daily life and surrounding events, particularly regarding moving across the country and my adjustment to a completely new environment.

In the spring of 2014 I began to feel that the blog had come to the end of its usefulness simply as a “well, here’s what’s going on this week” blog and I wanted to reevaluate its direction, as well as whether I wanted to continue to write a blog at all. After much deliberation I decided the weekly format still had merit, but that I wanted to get back to basics, to bring the blog back to its original intention, as a blog about writing and a place to work out some new writing ideas, along with commentary and observations as I saw fit to include them. However, I will be taking time away to work on my book and other projects now and then.

Regarding creative/literary nonfiction, it is defined as nonfiction writing “shaped in a way that reads like fiction” — which I described in one of my very early posts. It’s still the writing I do best, that I enjoy writing the most, and is my favorite type of reading. I’ve made some forays into fiction and poetry, with very mixed results, but I’m going back to my own basic writing style now.

That said, thank you again for your readership and I hope you find words here that will be of value and enjoyment to you!

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