red square cafeI’ve decided to blog again, because I’ve missed it. It’s not that I think I have anything more earthshaking to say, or that I have any articles, stories or books to promote, or that my life has suddenly taken on stellar qualities that everyone should know about. I just missed writing blog entries.

My last substantial blog entry here was last spring; after that, I started a Tumblr blog that was purely photographs, no text other than captions, which was fun for a time. I also wrote frequently in a private blog where I worked out writing ideas, wrote from prompts, etc., but somehow both of those blogs were unsatisfactory. Then I thought about starting an entirely new blog on another blogging service. But I like WordPress, I liked the blog I had, though I wanted a new look. I also tried out some new names for it, but “Patricia in PDX” always worked so well. I lamented to a friend, “But I’ve been using that title for 5 years!” She replied dryly, “McDonald’s has been using the ‘golden arches’ for more than 50 years. Go with what works.”  Point taken.

So here we go again. I’ve also added a “Photos” page, where I’ve moved the photos I’d posted on Tumblr. The page looks like a hodge-podge; I’ve never been able to place photos on a blog page properly, but if you click on the pictures they will all enlarge, so what the heck.

What’s new? Well, not a lot. I’ve had some company over the summer, endured the hot weather, made some new friends, gave up car use totally in favor of public transportation, enjoyed some new eateries, got a new haircut. What about you?

Anyway, I’m back, for better or worse. If you’re still following this blog and want to continue, that’s great! If you’re new and just started following, welcome! If you don’t care to read my blog, that’s certainly okay too!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day, everyone!

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