The Monday Post, Vol. 49 — Last Monday Post

I’ve had a feeling for awhile now that this blog, in its present form, has pretty much outlived its usefulness. The past few years have been a running history of my ideas of wanting to relocate from Florida, deciding on the Pacific Northwest, making plans to move here, moving here, getting acclimated to the area, and finally my move to living on my own. “Patricia in PDX” was all right when I first moved here, during the “honeymoon phase” of my new location, but that time is long since past. Okay, so she lives in Portland! Old news! Can we move on, please?

Also, since my recent move, I’m reviving some other activities and adding new ones, and I’m not sure I want to be tied to a weekly blog any longer. “The Monday Post” was for 2013 a continuation of my “Project 52” blog entry challenge in 2012; I’d gotten used to writing a blog entry every week and wasn’t yet ready to give it up, but I feel I am now.

I acquired a large influx of new followers with my post about my grandmother in August of 2012, and additional “followers” who don’t really read my blog, but were hoping by following mine that I’d follow theirs. Some of my followers are Facebook friends who occasionally comment on my posts there, but with Facebook becoming ever more restrictive as to who sees what posts from whom, I’m getting much less readership than before, so it often feels like I’m writing to myself, which I can do in a private blog. Or I could just talk to myself.

However, I like having a blog; I like having someplace online to share thoughts, ideas, photos and the like when I feel I have something worth sharing, someplace that isn’t just Facebook or Twitter. I am not sure yet whether I will revamp this blog and go in a different direction with it, start a different WordPress blog or start something on a different site altogether, like Tumblr. We’ll see.

Regardless, if I’m not going to continue here, I will post a link to the new site. I thank you for your readership and occasional comments and encouragement. It’s been grand…

3 thoughts on “The Monday Post, Vol. 49 — Last Monday Post

  1. Will miss it, Patti! You write so well, so I hope you find another outlet for your creativity!
    All good things must, and do, come to an end….but I am confident that there are plenty more “good things” coming your way now that you’re settled.
    Keep us posted and I wish you all the best with your writing!

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