The Monday Post, Vol. 46 — Settling In!

Moving is something I’ve done more than three dozen times in my life (including local moves), but it’s not my favorite activity by far, and this time was no exception. Everything started out well organized, but as we got closer to the actual moving day I stopped marking boxes and began putting items anywhere they would fit and throwing more things away than I expected to. It was also a physically exhausting move because of so many trips up and down stairs and out a fair distance to the borrowed car and back, catch-as-catch-can meals for a few days and lack of sleep the last few nights before moving day.

However, the movers showed up bright and early on moving day and loaded and unloaded everything with amazing speed and efficiency. In no time at all I was standing in my new apartment, surrounded by boxes waiting to be opened, and I hardly knew where to start.

Progress was slow, but two things had to be accomplished if nothing else got done, and that was feeding the dogs and setting up my computer. Later that afternoon I decided to lie down “just for a minute” and when I woke up it was dark. I got up and ate and put a few more things away and fell back into bed until the next morning.

I made more progress then, and today unpacked the final box. The apartment will be a work in progress for some time, however; there will be a bit more furniture later on, but I don’t want to fill the empty spaces with just anything right off the bat, or cover the walls with less-than-thoughtful picture arrangements.

On Friday I went out to run errands and do a bit of exploring of my new neighborhood. I learned quickly that driving was not the most efficient way to get around, that on-street parking was the most prevalent type, and that the streets were narrower and shorter than they looked on Google Maps street view. Although I’m still in Portland, the east side feels so different from the west. Streets are straight, neighborhoods compact, so many people walking everywhere, many with dogs, cyclists tooling by. Although the streets were busy at midday, no one seemed in a great hurry and everyone seemed to have time to smile and exchange pleasantries and bits of conversation.

On my way home, I had a bit more time left on the Zipcar and decided to take a drive farther east to see where a particular farmer’s market was located. Over a steep rise and starting down the other side, I was suddenly rewarded with a spectacular view of Mount Hood, and I looked frantically for a place to pull over and stop to gaze at it awhile, but could find none; I’ll be back to that location soon, however.

So I’m settling in and it’s great to be here!

2 thoughts on “The Monday Post, Vol. 46 — Settling In!

  1. Congrats! Moving is SO stressful and exhausting. I keep thinking “this time will be different” and somehow it never is! Glad you are enjoying your new place. I think you are right to take your time to settle in–I always feel that I have to wait to let the house “speak” to me and to get in tune with the vibe.

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