The Monday Post, Vol. 38 — Moving On!

To me it feels good to have 2013 ending soon; it’s been a roller coaster of a year, with some high points but more devastating low points, not just for me but for my daughter and several other people we know. The highlight of the year was my daughter’s becoming engaged in September to be married ; however, the lowest point had to be when we lost dear Basil in May. Both my daughter and I are getting ready to step into new life situations; 2013 feels like an old skin to be shed as we move into 2014, and I am very much looking forward to moving on.

I was recently able to reserve the studio apartment I wanted, in the building I wanted, in the neighborhood I wanted, so I’m extremely pleased about that. Though there are stores and parks and such where I live now that I will miss a bit, there is much to explore in my new area. The availability of a great deal of good public transportation will make it much easier to enjoy the life I envisioned upon moving to Portland in the first place, a more artistic life than I’m living currently. So these next very few weeks will be about getting ready to move and then setting up my new place across town.

I am still on my quest to “live small” and simplify my life where I can. Downsizing to a much smaller place means I’ll need only a modicum of furniture. I’ve decided to forego a TV for now, as once the Super Bowl is over I would rarely have the TV on, preferring to watch movies/programs online. I love dishes and glassware, but I won’t be keeping too much of that on hand, as my kitchen cabinet space will be quite limited. It’s actually fun to think about how to be creative with the space I will have, and it will be a work in progress for a time, I’m sure.

I haven’t planned on making New Year’s resolutions this year, as I simply plan to keep moving forward, do more of what I enjoy, and meet 2014 with expectations of it being a new adventure, the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Here’s to a Happy New Year for you and yours!

2 thoughts on “The Monday Post, Vol. 38 — Moving On!

  1. So very exciting for you! Glad you found your perfect apartment. Once the move is over, it will be such fun to settle in! We are still thinking about Portland seriously, but are still broke and in debt from moving earlier this year. I think we will want to live someplace a bit less redneck, but we are enjoying being close to Robert’s sister and niece, who is expecting a baby. I am starting to do my research, though, and have to figure out the billion neighborhoods of Portland and surrounding areas. Was kind of looking at Bend, too, but I think rents are more expensive there.

    The Apartment Therapy website/blog has lots of clever small space living ideas: It’s kind of fun to figure out ways to fit in efficiency and storage, yet still making it be a comfortable living space.

    What area are you moving to?

    • Thank you for the link! I had originally planned on arranging things using a screen or two as partitions, but have scrapped that and plan to have a more open look with the furniture itself creating the various living areas. I plan to heavily utilize underbed space for storage! I currently live in SW Portland, will be moving now to the SE. Will email you with the particulars; Happy New Year to you and Robert!

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