The Monday Post, Vol. 36 — A Tiny Christmas This Year

I wasn’t going to do anything at all about Christmas this year. I am working Christmas and New Year’s, my daughter and I are both getting ready to move to our respective new residences in a very few weeks, and with planning and packing I really didn’t want to do anything special for the holidays.

About a week ago my daughter asked, “Well, when are you going to put up the tree?” I shook my head. “I’m not putting up a tree this year.” She looked horrified, as if I’d run over a nest of baby squirrels, and exclaimed, “Not putting up a tree? But you always put up a tree! It’s Christmas!” She and her fiance had just finished trimming the tree at his apartment and she expected me to have a similar level of enthusiasm for starting the decorating process.

“Not this year. I don’t want to drag out that big tree that takes 5 strings of lights and all those ornaments, and especially I don’t want to have to take it down and pack it all away with everything else I have to pack.” I was firm in my decision. “I’ll put it up AND take it down,” she promised. “Fine, if you want to do it, but I’m not getting involved,” was my final statement. But she caught a cold and I was too busy, and we remained without a tree at home.

But on watching a few Christmas movies, seeing the decorations in the stores, listening to Christmas music and experiencing the seasonal goodwill in the area, I began to think I ought to do something for Christmas after all. Then I remembered the small tabletop tree we used as an extra decoration and last evening hunted for it in the closet and brought it downstairs. As it was rather like a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree in appearance, I decided to give it a face lift.

The little tree came with a sparse string of white lights, so I quickly unwound those from the branches. I got out one of the multicolored strands we use for the big tree and several red and gold shiny baubles to replace the small brushed silver plastic ornaments that came with the little tree. My daughter came home while I was rummaging for something to help stabilize the tree, as it tended to topple easily. She came up with the idea of using her lighthouse cookie jar to give the base some extra support and winding the lights around both the tree and the lighthouse, and the effect was charming (click on the thumbnail for a larger photo).

So it’s not that I won’t be doing anything at all for Christmas, really. I’ll be going to church on Christmas Eve, and then spending time with my daughter and her fiance at his home. We’ll exchange a few gifts, and my daughter may prepare something special for dinner Christmas Day. It’ll just be a scaled-down Christmas…a tiny Christmas. But quite all right, stress-free and enjoyable indeed.

I hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas season as well!

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