The Monday Post, Vol. 26 — Keep Calm and Knit On

Keep Calm and Knit OnI have written in the past that one of the things about knitting that I enjoy in particular is the soothing, comforting, zen quality of rhythmic stitching. I feel I am under a fair amount of stress currently, which will continue through the end of this year; it’s not serious, but unavoidably circumstantial, and knitting is my buffer zone as I continue to cope and wade my way through it all. More than once in recent days I’ve called a timeout on myself and grabbed my knitting furiously, spending 15 minutes or so settling into the rhythm with my needles and coming out much calmer on the other side.

I mentioned last week that, among other things, I was no longer going to knit with ugly, cheap yarns I didn’t like. I went out last Monday and paid a visit to my favorite local yarn shop (LYS), Northwest Wools, and made a couple of nice purchases, a ball of Queensland Dream and two hanks of Berroco 001Linsey yarn. Dream is a pretty cotton/polyamide blend, with a resulting bit of sparkle. Linsey is very much like it sounds, a nice cotton/linen blend.

I also was gifted with a hank of Cascade Yarns’ Ultra Pima in Pansy last Friday by my daughter; this is one of my favorite cotton yarns, as it has long cotton fibers that feel very silky to the touch.

So I set to working on new projects right away. With the Dream yarn I am making a cowl:

With the Ultra Pima I’m making what will be a zippered seed stitch clutch that will be lined with black-and-purple floral challis, and will make a change purse to match:

I haven’t yet started a project with the Linsey yarn, but it will likely be a scarf of sorts. For good measure, here is the lace scarf I completed last week with Ultra Pima in Wine:

I tinkered with this photo a bit, as the camera didn’t capture the garnet red depth of color, and I am still unable to convey the richness of this hue. My favorite color is red, and this yarn was a gift from my daughter from a past Mother’s Day.

So I have some small projects to keep me in knitting for awhile now. I knit during breaks from my work, during football-game commercials, before going to sleep. It’s my lifeline to the peacefulness that’s often so elusive these days.

Also, I wanted to mention that this blog will be on hiatus the next two weeks, as I have out-of-town company coming and want to devote my full attention to them. I’ll be back with another entry on October 14th. Thank you for reading this blog; I appreciate the nice feedback and emails I receive. Have a good two weeks!

2 thoughts on “The Monday Post, Vol. 26 — Keep Calm and Knit On

    • Thank you! They are just simple projects, as complicated ones are stress producing, rather than stress relieving. Also, I think simple patterns do a better job of showing off nice yarns.

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