The Monday Post, Vol. 25 — Resolution!

Back in July I wrote a post about “My Passive-Aggressive Wardrobe,” where I described two items of clothing and a pair of shoes I didn’t like but didn’t seem to be able to get rid of. Today I was going through my closet and found several more items of clothing and another pair of shoes I didn’t like, either. Today was the day to get rid of all of them.

There were two long-sleeved t-shirts that had nothing wrong with them, but they brought back bad memories of a time when I wore them, and I’ve never worn them since. There were slingback black kitten-heel shoes with long pointy toes that were not only uncomfortable, they went out of style years ago. I found a pair of black capris that attracted every dog and cat hair for miles around that I had a particular loathing for. Out with them! And with the other items I listed back in July.

I’ve whittled down my knitting stash of yarn now, and after I completed a scarf the other day with very nice Cascade Yarns’ Ultra Pima I wanted to knit something else, and found all I had left was some horribly nauseating coral pink acrylic yarn that I’d bought online a few years back; “Soft Red,” it was called, and looked nice online on my monitor, but in person, not so much. I thought I’d save it for a practice yarn to try out new stitches, but I started working with it the other day and just couldn’t stand the color another minute.

So I’ve made a resolution: I will never own or wear clothes I don’t like, shoes I don’t like, have objects in my home that I don’t like, and will never knit or crochet with cheap ugly yarn again. I may have fewer things, and knit fewer and smaller projects, but I will like all of them and they will be welcome in my home.

This resolution will serve me well; when I move in a few months I will be downsizing to a studio apartment, so it was time to weed out the things I don’t want with me.  My daughter surprised me with a new hank of Ultra Pima yesterday, and tomorrow I am going to a couple of local yarn shops to replenish a bit of my yarn stash.

I have always been a person who likes to “travel light” through life, so ridding myself of these things has made me feel much better. I’m sure I’ll find other things throughout the townhouse to rid myself of before I move. It’s nice feeling lighter!

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