The Monday Post, Vol. 22 — Don’t Do This

I did something stupid last weekend; I knew better, but chose to ignore the risks. I have been paying for it every day since, and will have to continue paying a few days more.

Like many (most?) women, I have kept some makeup products way too long. In my most recent collection, none of the items was less than two years old; one tube of mascara was five years old, and one compact of pressed powder was, I’m ashamed to say, 12 years old. Why was I keeping these things so long? For one thing, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and when I do, I apply it with a light hand. I usually ascribe to the idea that one should wear just enough makeup to enhance and to give the illusion that one isn’t wearing makeup, but just looks nice and healthy. Consequently, I don’t use up my makeup in a reasonable amount of time. Having so much left, I can’t bring myself to “waste” money by throwing it away.  Also, sometimes I hang onto makeup items because they are associated with pleasant memories and events, and I can’t bear to part with them, though that doesn’t mean I have to use them.

What needs to be replaced most often, of course, is mascara; it has a use life of ideally three months, certainly no longer than six. I had no business using a mascara that was two years old; it had irritated my eyes a couple of times before, but the irritation went away quickly and I ignored it. So last weekend I applied a couple of coats of this mascara and the next day I had a bit of eye irritation, but this time it didn’t go away. I developed a considerable amount of swelling and skin discoloration, and soon it looked like I’d been punched in the eye. It was also very, very painful. I was going to go to the doctor, but the infection quickly evolved into an inner-lid stye and I realized it was running its course and I could likely treat it myself with warm compresses and some soothing eye drops. It has slowly improved, and now it no longer hurts, but prickles a bit and itches. It’ll be a few more days until it totally resolves.

Hating having to do so, I threw out all of my makeup, not just the eye makeup. I stood there staring at the trash can, thinking, “My whole face is there in the trash,” and had to resist snatching all of it back again. My daughter came to the rescue by forwarding an email to me that said if I bought $19.95 of a particular makeup, I’d get a free 13-item gift set, with free shipping. So I bought foundation and concealer, and the gift set has everything else I need, basically. It won’t be here until next Wednesday, but I can’t wear any makeup until this completely clears up anyway.

So I learned a painful lesson this past week. Do you have too-old makeup around that you’re still using? I have one word for you– DON’T!

2 thoughts on “The Monday Post, Vol. 22 — Don’t Do This

    • Thank you for commenting, Janice! I’ve been gratified that several of my readers on Facebook and also local friends have followed suit and thrown out their old makeup as well!

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