The Monday Post, Vol. 9 — The Daily Bailey

My little dog, Bailey, and his brother, Dexter (they were litter mates), who belongs to my daughter, will be 9 years old on August 9th. Being that Chihuahuas as a breed generally have a long lifespan, I expect that I’ll get to enjoy yet a number of years with Bailey. But one never knows.

It occurred to me when I was putting together the tribute video for Basil last week that even though I ended up with a fair number of good photos to choose from for an approximately 4-minute video, there were not nearly as many as there should have been for an 11-year lifetime. We did take more pictures, and some videos, but they were lost when hard drives failed over the years. We should have saved them on a flash drive (I’d never heard of a flash drive when Basil was a baby; did we have them then?) or put them all on a CD, or done something else to preserve them. Also, we should have taken more pictures.

This morning when I got up I snapped a picture of Bailey still lounging on the bed and thought I should take a picture of him every day at some point. I want there to be so many that, should I outlive him, one day as I want to remember him there will be more pictures than I know what to do with.

There are other daily things I hadn’t been doing. Chihuahuas need their faces wiped every day to prevent tear stains; their large eyes are easily irritated and water frequently. Like most of the small breeds, Chihuahuas have tooth problems early on and need their teeth brushed regularly, plus checkups. It’s not just for appearances’ sake; bad teeth in dogs, just as in humans, can lead to all sorts of health problems. Chihuahuas get a reasonable amount of exercise running around the house, but they need daily walks, not just for the exercise, but for mental stimulation. I’ve been neglectful in doing these things on a daily basis as of late. But I’ve started again now, and will continue it. That, plus regular checkups, will hopefully give me as many years with Bailey as possible.

Here’s my Bailey a few minutes ago. Take a picture of your pet(s) today!

Bailey 5-27

4 thoughts on “The Monday Post, Vol. 9 — The Daily Bailey

  1. He’s adorable, and your blog is inspiring me to wipe Pixel’s eyes regularly — and take Jericho for metal stimulation walks! Excellent read for me

  2. Bailey is quite the cutie. Great post, too. I am on top of Fozzie with everything all the time. Walks, play dates, checkups, you name it, I’m on it. Fozzie just turned a year old on the 5th and I hope to have many wonderful years with my furry “little man.”

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