Beware K9 Advantix!!

I posted this on Facebook this morning, but want to get this experience to as wide an audience as possible, so that perhaps a similar situation, or worse, may be avoided by others:

Please be careful if you are thinking of or are using K9 Advantix on your dogs to repel fleas. It had been used on Bailey once before and I applied it day before yesterday, but this time he developed an odd reaction to it, including panting, stomach upset, extreme restlessness, whimpering and nervousness. It was too late to wash it off, as the reaction started more than 24 hours after applying it. I have had almost no sleep, as Bailey bounced off the walls all night, running around the room, jumping at my face, pouncing on my head, trying to lick all over my face and neck whenever I was about to drop off to sleep. I looked up reactions to the K9 Advantix, and sure enough, there have been many such reactions, though many dogs also seem to use this flea treatment safely. It was fortunate he did not have a seizure, or worse, as happens to some dogs. He never had a problem with Advantage or Frontline, but I am loathe to use any of these types of products on him again; I’ll be looking at natural products and other techniques to control fleas. The reaction seems to have worn off this morning, and we are both exhausted. Never again.

4 thoughts on “Beware K9 Advantix!!

  1. I appreciate this post. This is the first time in my life I’ve had a pet with a flea problem. My vet carries Vectra 3D for my Chihuahua, Fozzie and so far, so good. I also backed it up with vinegar as vinegar also repels fleas. Good luck on your search for better flea control.

    • I’ve never heard of Vectra 3D, but will certainly check into it and consult my vet. Yes, I’ve heard about vinegar, but haven’t used it yet. Thank you for commenting!

    • It is always possible, of course, but not likely in this case. I have read numerous accounts of similar reactions in dogs of various breeds. Although these chemicals have been used with success on many animals, I am not willing to take a chance with my dog’s health by trying them further on him. My hope is that dog owners new to using these products will observe their dogs carefully when using them and report adverse reactions to their veterinarians.

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