Yet Another Anniversary…

Three years ago at this time my daughter and I had just crossed over from Idaho into Oregon, on the last day of our somewhat arduous but very determined drive all the way from Florida. We were driving a small compact car with everything it could carry, including four cats in their carriers and three small dogs. The trip we had planned to make in just over two days was, due to difficulties encountered along the way, inadvertently stretched to four. The complete story of our trip is here, for those not already familiar with it.

We arrived in Portland at about 9 p.m. on May 4th; by that time it was too dark for me to take the photos I was hoping to take as we sailed into town, and after a quick meal we collapsed into our respective beds. After a dreamless night of the very deep sleep of exhaustion, I remember waking to a bright sunny morning, not unlike today (though much cooler). Where was I? It took a few moments to realize that yes, we actually were here. Then came days of quickly getting settled, getting back to work, assimilating into local life.

In the three years I have lived here much has happened; there have been death and divorce, episodes of illness and heartbreak, combined with exquisite joys of new activities, glorious weather and gorgeous scenery, friendly people and the pleasure of the relaxed way of looking at life that Portlanders have. Over the coming months there will be more change as my daughter and I prepare to go our separate ways and my little dog and I establish a new home just a short distance away. On moving there, I’ll realize yet another dream of living where everything I need is within walking distance, with plenty of public transportation just steps away from my door to take me anywhere I want to go.

I’m grateful every day for having the chance to live in Portland and I plan to stay here always. I’ve posted a number of pictures over time and probably bored most of my Facebook friends with rhapsodizing about the Pacific Northwest, but I want to repost this video I made a few months after our arrival. It starts on the east side, then downtown and finally over to the west side of town where we live. I enjoyed making it and viewing it again from time to time; I hope you enjoy it, too:

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Anniversary…

  1. My fella grew up in Philomath, Oregon, so that state is No. One on my Bucket List! Thanks for an informative and interesting blog : )

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