Project 52, Week 46 — More Passing…

This morning I received the news that a friend and classmate of mine from first grade through high school had passed away very recently. I was just thinking of her a month or so ago and had checked Facebook and a few other places, but didn’t find her, as I didn’t know her married name. She was one of the brightest and most diligent students I have ever known, yet shy and modest about her accomplishments. I was sorry we lost touch after high school, but I have some favorite memories of her. What I think of first when I think of her is raisins. We went to the same Methodist church as children, were in Sunday School together and enjoyed seeing how many scriptures we could memorize; we were thrilled when we earned our small New Testaments for having memorized the 1ooth Psalm. But later during church, my mother and sister were in the choir, so I sat with my friend and her mother and little sister, and her mom kept us occupied with tiny boxes of Sun-Maid raisins, and in the summer we enjoyed fanning ourself with the fans decorated with pictures of some of Jesus’ parables. But it’s the raisins I particularly remember, and I thought of my old friend when I bought a box of raisins just last week.

I realize now as my classmates and I are getting older we’ll hear of more and more of our friends passing away as time goes on, and it’s sad to think about it. My sister was saying today that someone mentioned to her that when our parents were alive, they were like a “buffer” between us and future passing, but it’s scary now that they are gone and we are the generation that will be fading away.

My friend was a kind, quiet girl when we were growing up and I remember her fondly. My thoughts are with her family today as they cope with their loss during this difficult time.


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