Project 52, Week 32 — The Dog Days of August

Well, it happened. I had said in a recent post that it hadn’t yet been 100 degrees since we’ve been here, but yesterday the temperature surpassed that and broke all records; it was a miserable 102. For me, it was a test to see how well the new door and kitchen window worked, and they performed pretty well at sealing out the heat. It stayed under 80 degrees in the apartment until mid afternoon, when it began to inch upward; the maximum temperature at 7 p.m. was 84 degrees. Not bad! The first year we were here and had some 90+ degree temps in the summer it was routinely 87 degrees max most of those days (as I’ve mentioned before, like many here in PDX we don’t have AC; if we did, none of this would be an issue).

It took some time to cool things down last night, however; temperatures didn’t drop as much as they usually do, and it was hard to sleep at first. Our Pomeranian, Basil, was very restless and my daughter says he kept her awake most of the night. This is not his kind of weather, either, what with his thick and very warm fur; even with a trim I’m sure he’s pretty uncomfortable.

Summers in Portland are very bright, with endless sunshine and usually just pleasantly warm temperatures, though it can get hot on occasion, like now.  Portland sparkles in the sunshine and it’s hard to remember the cloudy, misty grey days where everyone hunkers down into their raincoats and hoodies, grudgingly accepting what many feel are the dreary days that never seem to end. Portlanders frequently retreat from the outside world then, hibernating in coffee shops and bookstores, independent movie houses and pubs, as they wait for summer to come around again.

But I love those grey cool days, ripe for contemplation and introspection and long walks in the mist, being able to wear my favorite cool-weather clothes, later snuggling in with a good book and an afghan and a cup of hot tea nearby. This is the Portland I love best and I long for its return. That’ll happen in mid October, though we’ll have a beautiful, brightly-colored autumn first.

So we’re in the dog days now. They’ll last until around mid September. We’ll get through them as we always do, then there’ll be 9 months of MY kind of weather; some sun, but mostly this:

When I was so miserable in Florida the summer before we moved here I collected a number of videos like this one into a playlist I watched over and over, knowing I would eventually get to experience a Portland autumn myself. It’s a comforting video to watch today…

2 thoughts on “Project 52, Week 32 — The Dog Days of August

  1. Patti, I SO hear you on the weather. In our almost 12 years in England I came to love the drear and the drizzle! Now that we’re back in the Dallas area I am distraught with the constant heat and humidity. Ugh.
    Love reading your musings!

  2. Thanks! You certainly know what I mean, then! When considering moving from Florida a few years back I briefly considered Chapel Hill, NC and also Austin, TX, but knew I had to get further away from the weather I loathed so. Hopefully we’ll all see cooler days soon!

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