Project 52, Week 21 — Well Now, That Was a Bust!

This blog entry is late today, I know. My original intention was to post a series of pictures at the Sunday farmer’s market when I returned today, but that didn’t work out. It was raining, so I was reluctant to take my camera with me. My cell phone camera has been a little iffy lately, but when I got to the farmer’s market it decided not to work at all. Then it did decide to work when I went to Starbucks later, where I tried it again, snapping this very unimportant picture of my Frappuccino:

So I didn’t get to record all the interesting sights, sounds, colors and products at the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market. I originally went there hoping to get some organic kale and perhaps some turnip greens, but maybe they sold out first, as all I saw was chard. There was lots of beautiful organic leaf lettuce, but I’d already bought some at the grocery store. However, I did get some salad turnips, a cucumber and some loose salad mix:

I also purchased a very dense, heavy round of German caramelized onion bread:

So it was a reasonably successful trip, I’m just disappointed about the lack of pictures.

In other news, I’m knitting a set of 4 cotton kitchen towels. The magenta (Begonia) one is finished, the teal (Kenai) one is almost there, and I’ve barely begun the purple (Mulberry) one. I wish the camera did the colors justice, it’s really a pleasure to work with these rich tones:

Well, I guess this post isn’t a total bust, it’s just not what I planned. Oh well, whatever!

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