Project 52, Week 20 — Mother’s Day

Last Mother’s Day was the first without my mom, and I published a blog post and video at that time as a tribute to her. I thought perhaps this year missing her would be lessened a bit by the passage of time, but Mother’s Day brings missing her back afresh. I’m guessing it’ll be like this every year.

Although in the few years before her passing she needed a good bit of assistance and care, in earlier times my mom and I seemed to be more friends than mother and daughter. I’ve always had that kind of relationship with my own daughter, as well; perhaps that’s because it was the model I had to go by, but it’s also the parenting style I would have preferred anyway.

In our family, we’ve never been terribly outwardly sentimental toward each other and emotional, syrupy cards and gifts have never been our style; we’ve always preferred humor and joking with each other. But for Mother’s Day this year one of the gifts my daughter gave me was a coffee cup with a poem on it, “She Who is My Mom,” by Suzy Toronto. Around the inside upper edge of the cup is the sentence, “You are my dearest friend…my one true constant.” I am very touched by that thought, and gratified that my daughter has grown into a young woman I am proud to call my dearest friend as well. I feel that being a mother is what I have done more successfully than any other endeavor, and am grateful for the opportunity given to me.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere!

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