Project 52, Week 16 — Knitting On…

The great knitting teacher who revolutionized knitting in the United States a few decades ago, Elizabeth Zimmermann, said, “Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.” Countless knitters have taken that to heart, finding knitting a particularly comforting, soothing activity that helps to ease the distress of many of the untoward events life throws in our paths.

I haven’t had a true crisis to deal with lately, but recently knitting was just about all I felt like doing, so I did. Here’s what I was working on, using the yarns I mentioned in a recent post:

This is a mobius (continuous) twisted scarf of Deborah Norville’s Everyday Soft Worsted:

This is a textured beret knitted of Vanna’s Choice in Dusty Purple:

I do most of my knitting on my Denise Interchangeable needles, but recently I decided to expand my needle collection a bit to include slicker needles for faster knitting with certain types of yarn. I had tried some at my local yarn shop (LYS) awhile back but wasn’t terribly impressed. I’d read online how much so many knitters liked the interchangeable needles from KnitPicks, and they had a “try-it” set with all three types of needle tips offered. I ordered this small set, which consisted of nickel-plated brass, laminated birch wood and acrylic needle tips, and I expected to like the nickel-plated slick needles best, but lo and behold, I found I liked the laminated birch wood needles much better; I was not fond of the acrylic tips at all.

I wasn’t willing to plunk down money for an entire set of the Harmony Wood laminated birch needle tips, so I just ordered the sizes I use most, 5-9. For anything larger, the Denise needles will be fine. Eventually I will order the nickel-plated tips in sizes 5-9, as they do work best with some “stickier” yarns.

Currently I’m using the Harmony tips with the Cascade Ultra Pima I bought a few weeks ago:

At this point in my photography yesterday the camera batteries ran down and I had no replacements available, so here is a better picture of a larger pair of the Harmony tips, from another website:

I’m also on the search for a good knitting stitch dictionary, since I didn’t bring mine with me from Florida (one of the things I regrettably forgot to pack, amazingly). I’ve borrowed several from the library so I can try them out first. I know the 4 Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries are the de facto standard, but I actually like the Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia by Sharon Turner for a starter reference, mainly because she describes what the stitches would be best used for and she charts them all. Knitting is being increasingly done from charts, which is a great help in deciphering the wonderful patterns from Europe and Asia, where clear instructions are often lost in translation.

Pardon me now, whilst I knit on…

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