Project 52, Week 12 — I Was Wrong…

Like many people, I’ve found the recent news stories that seem to constitute what has been called a “War on Women” to be distressing, and, in some cases, to be nearly beyond belief. A few days ago I posted a link on Facebook to this article on the website because it was surprisingly refreshing to see an opinion piece of this nature on the conservative Fox website. I made the rash statement then that I would be writing a blog entry regarding my thoughts on these women’s issues of late.

I was wrong. I cannot articulate this set of issues well enough to do an essay-type blog entry of my own. The issues are so vast, and it seems there are new issues, particularly at the state level, coming to light every day. What do you pick to discuss? Something on the national level, the state level, the personal level? There are thoughtful articles being written from differing points of view, and I’ve read several of them. There are also disparaging articles being written, as well as insults toward women being hurled by television and radio commentators on both the left and right, which are demeaning, upsetting and accomplish nothing other than to inflame and incite and increase ratings.

What I’ve found particularly concerning is the way these issues have, prior to this past week, not really been something to which I’ve given much thought for a very long time. On the surface, they really don’t reflect my daily experience, so I’ve been able to ignore them. But I don’t think any of us can afford to ignore them now. As voters, we are being played. As women, we are being threatened, in more ways than one.

So this is a wake-up call for me to stay better informed, and to speak with not only my voice, where I can, but with my pocketbook, particularly in regard to which sponsor’s products I purchase, and especially my vote. My one little vote may not seem like it counts for much, but with enough of us, our votes will count for everything.

Make it count, everyone…

One thought on “Project 52, Week 12 — I Was Wrong…

  1. i agree with this post 100%. For whatever reason I had no idea that birth control was such an issue with so many people. Also, when I sits down to write about it, i don’t know where to begin. I’ve avoided discussions about it on Facebook too because i don’t think i can adequately say what I’m feeling in the small amount of time I’m on Facebook.

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