Project 52, Week 10 — Why So Late Today?

Well, it’s like this…on Thursday, March 1st, the annual Rose City Yarn Crawl began. In a sentence, this is when, for four days, 19 of Portland’s fabulous yarn shops hold special events, sales, giveaways and treats to tempt local knitters, crocheters and spinners to part with whatever money they can spend and still barely have enough for groceries. I had to work Thursday and Friday, so I missed the first two days of the event, but yesterday I did spend a part of the day visiting my two favorite yarn shops, All About Yarn and Northwest Wools.

I’d just gotten through saying on this blog last week that I was, due to budget constraints, sticking to the lower-cost, but still nice enough, yarns to be had at the chain craft stores. And I went to the yarn shops JUST to look and enjoy seeing all the beautiful yarns there. Yeah, like that was going to happen. I walked into the first shop and a hank of Cascade Yarn’s Ultra Pima yarn called to me. It was a glossy hank in taupe, the only one they had, and I was a goner (“you know you want me” it sang). Well, I gave in. Who needs groceries? I was so enamored with my prized hank that I began winding it into a workable ball in the car and got it rather tangled, but it didn’t matter, I enjoyed having my hands in it.

At the next shop I was able to be a little more conservative, buying just a small skein of Cherub DK (those Cascade Yarns!), but I duly signed up for the raffle of a huge basket of yarn, kits, knitting needles and notions that I’d love to win (just like thousands of other knitters in the area; ah well).

I got these two treasures home and wound them carefully, but I was going to try out some stitches on my less expensive yarn first before starting projects with them. I looked at a few stitches last night, and after working and doing laundry today, I began the “perfect stitch” search in earnest–and I am still searching! I need an openwork stitch that will make the yarn go as far as possible, and so far nothing has struck my fancy. And I realized that I really should get around to writing my weekly blog entry, so I did, and, making a long story long, that’s why I’m so late today.

Now back to the maddening search for the perfect stitch!…

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