Project 52, Week 5 — On the Hook, Off the Hook

I had plans to go downtown today, but I changed my mind. I did a lot of running around yesterday, and it’s a rainy, bone-chilling day that just seems more conducive to staying home, enjoying tea, sourdough toast, listening to Tony Bennett and crochet. I haven’t crocheted in quite awhile, having gone through a knitting phase awhile back. Recently I took the rest of my leftover cotton yarn, consisting of several partial skeins too small to make anything with and started putting them together to make a small rug, or bath mat, so I could justify buying more yarn to make something new.

Last weekend I stopped in at JoAnn and the Red Heart Soft yarn was on sale, so I picked up a couple of skeins in Waterscape print, not knowing what I wanted to do with it (yes, I like the more expensive natural fiber yarn, but right now the budget doesn’t permit). Two skeins would be enough for a scarf and hat, I reasoned, so that’s what I made:

The scarf is 6 feet long and I used a ridged string stitch until it was as wide as I wanted, no particular pattern. The hat is from a pattern I wrote a few years back, “One-Hour Hat,” (which actually takes only about 45 minutes if one doesn’t stop for anything). This pattern was a giveaway on my old “Paanmo Designs” website, and I’ve given it away a lot over the years, so if you’d like the instructions, just drop me a line.

So today is a nice day, peaceful and cozy. Yesterday was also a nice day, active and productive. But it feels good to slow down today. You should, too, and do something especially pleasant today. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Project 52, Week 5 — On the Hook, Off the Hook

  1. Love both items – the ‘rug’ is so colorful, and I love the blue and brown of the scarf. You sound wonderfully cozy and productive. Today, I’m finally getting my curtain rod put up, so I can finally hang my sheers. Not a big job, but one of those things that just gets put off and put off. If that is all that gets done today, I will be a happy woman! Enjoy the rest of your day, Patricia.

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