Project 52, Week 4 — Puzzling…

I’ve never been one much for jigsaw puzzles. I’m not really into dumping out 1000 pieces of cardboard and driving myself crazy for a few days trying to fit them together the way they should go. But a few years ago I started visiting, after my daughter had started doing puzzles there on occasion. I used to do them as a way to procrastinate from time to time. Most of the puzzles take less than 10 minutes to do, and you can choose the “cut” — 67 pieces, my favorite cut, is a heck of a lot less frustrating than 1000 pieces!

So awhile back I got into doing them again and signed up for the daily puzzle via email, and doing the puzzle each morning has become a habit for me, something I do as I sip my morning apple juice. When I finish I check my time against the average time it takes fellow puzzlers to complete it, though I’m not really in a hurry.  For me, it’s more of a zen thing; I just enjoy the process.

I was musing yesterday about the process I go through to solve these puzzles; I like completing all the edges first, then putting into place the pieces I know will fit right away. I can’t tell where the rest of the pieces go at that point, but I try a few here and a few there as I go along, and eventually I can see clearly where the remaining pieces go. I know all the pieces will fall into place, it’s only a matter of time.

I thought about this in regard to my life. There are some changes coming up that will be challenging for me, and although I have a plan, I can’t see where all the pieces will fit yet or how they will come together. But I know they will eventually, and I feel confident that all will turn out as it should, however that will be. I think of that now when I complete one of these small puzzles, so in addition to being a diversion, it’s a comforting reminder, too.

So take a few minutes and try one of these puzzles today on me; I’ve used one of my own photos for a 67-piece cut. Enjoy!

Click to Mix and Solve

2 thoughts on “Project 52, Week 4 — Puzzling…

  1. Thank you! Yes, they will. I know what you mean about 20-35 pieces; I use a larger cut on occasion if I’m pressed for time.

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