Project 52, Week 1

I’ve never been one much for making New Year’s resolutions. I’ve made a few on occasion in years past, only to have them fall by the wayside as I lost interest, changed my mind, pursued new interests, or just plain became lazy, so I lost interest in making them in the first place. I have some new (or refurbished) goals that I want to get to work on tomorrow, but it’s not because it’s a new year, it’s because tomorrow is Monday and I’d rather not spoil my weekend thinking about forming new habits. Getting down to business always goes better on Mondays for me.

But there’s one resolution I thought seriously about making this year; blogging daily. I was inspired by the WordPress Project 365 idea (366 this year, being a leap year). I read this article last week and have been weighing it in my mind ever since. The idea is to blog daily about one thing for the entire year. Could I do that? What could I say of interest on a daily basis, and what topic would remain interesting enough to me to keep blogging about it? What about photos? I had considered a daily photo with a bit of written elaboration, a common but effective blogging technique. I’m also painfully aware that I post so irregularly and so seldom that it’s hard to maintain a following of readers, and I wanted to improve my blogging habits.

But Project 365 is more of a bite than I care to chew right now. I have several other things I want to work on, and I can see as I get busier that my posts will likely become more infrequent and less interesting each day. So I’ve amended Project 365 to Project 52 — much more manageable. For the next year I will post something each Sunday throughout 2012. I may post other things at irregular intervals, but the Sunday post will be a given.

2012 seems a year of hope; I’m looking forward to whatever challenges and pleasures it brings. May this new year bring hope to all of us.

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