Last Harvest…

These are the last tomatoes that were still on the vines; they ripened up nicely, particularly in the warm, dry weather we’ve been having.  I harvested them this afternoon, and then tidied up the container garden for autumn, emptying pots and stacking them and getting the deck swept just before I felt the first few light sprinkles of rain.

I realize there are crops I could have started in late summer, but I haven’t had enough time to give this garden the attention it deserves. Well, let’s just say my priorities had changed and unfortunately the garden is what got short shrift. In spite of my spotty attentiveness, however, most of the plants did quite well and I consider this experiment a success. I’m not sure what I’ll do next spring, though; I’m leaning towards doing  just herbs in containers. Several of the vegetable seeds I planted needed much more space than I could give them; if I have more space one day, I’ll likely try again.

Anyway, soon the fall rains will be here in the Pacific Northwest, and I was glad to be able to get everything emptied and cleaned up. I love the rainy season here, but the deck would have turned into a puddly, muddy mess otherwise.

It’s been so warm here that it hasn’t felt like fall yet, though that should change tonight. Some of the leaves have begun to turn, but the extremely dry weather has just made them look brown and tired. I’m hoping the rain this week will help perk up the rest of the leaves and that we’ll have a beautiful autumn like last year.

As I swept the deck and the accumulated dust and dirt swirled around me, I stopped now and then to appreciate the cool breeze that promised change was in the air. The sky was changing, too, from the bright summer blue of earlier today to a mixture of layered clouds and patches of pale blue as the sun was getting ready to set. It’s a time of transition, and for me it reflects the transitions in my own life, changes that this time last year I couldn’t have imagined. So there’s a particular sense of satisfaction, and closure, in watching summer give way to fall this time around.

I hope all are appreciating the change of seasons…

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