Awhile back I wrote a post regarding our container garden with pictures of a few of our green tomatoes. I was so pleased that we had them at all that I really didn’t think about them actually turning red. But they did! At least two of them have, much to my surprise when I went out on the deck last evening! So I harvested them this morning and here they are:

Aren’t they beautiful? They’re pomodoros, of course–Italian tomatoes, good for salads. Then I sliced them:

The flavor is very good indeed, a little better than those I’ve bought at the store (am I prejudiced or what?); how satisfying eating tomatoes from one’s own plants!

I would like to take credit for having grown them, but actually they’ve grown more in spite of me than because of me. I haven’t always watered the garden or tended it as I should lately, but things seem to have grown out of sheer stubbornness anyway, which makes it seem all the more miraculous to me.

Just amazing!

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