Container Gardening, Act II

Our container garden has taken on a life of its own. Really! We harvested most of what could have been harvested from the initial planting, plus some of the original plants died, and we were going to just wait a bit and replant later. That was a few weeks ago, but lo and behold, some of the plants that we thought were all but lost have taken off, some that seemed totally dead have revived, and some are making their first appearance after we thought the seeds they came from were duds.  Here’s a sampling from today:

These squash plants all have yellow flowers now. A friend told me Italian women used to pick these flowers and saute them, serving them with pasta. Hmm, I like them on the plants for now, however.

I’m pleased with the way the herbs have taken off; this sage looks particularly healthy; the dill behind it seems to be reaching for the sky…

I had said long ago that if I got even ONE tomato to grow, I’d feel like a gardening success; I have TWO! Lacking any convenient stakes or dowel sticks, I stuck a wooden backscratcher into the soil and tied this tomato plant up gently with some soft cotton strips…

The parsley looks good, too…

To me, this was the most interesting revival of all; this box had been harvested of all its butter crunch and leaf lettuce and there were only a few dried plant remnants left. When I saw a glimmer of a sprout, I began watering again, and this is the result, a few weeks later…

As you can see, the squash plants have pretty much taken over the deck; one is even beginning to sneak across to the door. It’s hard to believe all these came from a tiny 8 x 8 flat of starts just a few weeks ago. I’m not sure about the white spots on these leaves; they seem slightly powdery and can be rubbed off a bit; anyone know about these?

Anyway, what makes this all so remarkable is that we’ve done nothing to these plants but look at them and water them from time to time and they just DO this! It’s both surprising and humbling at the same time. It even makes a mockery of the phrase, “the fruits of our labor,” as there’s been no labor involved. Perhaps I wouldn’t be so in awe of this if I’d had better luck with plants earlier in my life, but for someone who couldn’t even keep a cactus alive, this is just downright astounding! Life never ceases to amaze…

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