“And How Does Your Garden Grow?”…

How’s my container garden doing? Some of it’s been doing fine, some of it, well, not so much. The radishes were the first crop to be harvested. The seed packet said they’d be ready in 28 days, and they did seem rather ready, but small, so I waited a bit longer, hoping they’d fill out a bit more. Unfortunately, they stayed their miniature size and here’s how they turned out:

Cute, but I’m not sure why they didn’t grow larger; no plant food? no compost? no Miracle Gro? Hmm…

On the other hand, the lettuce has done very well indeed. Here is the red leaf lettuce and the butter crisp (these came from starts, not seed):

We’ve been harvesting individual leaves as we’ve needed them; quite a convenience! Surprisingly, the lettuce from seed has done amazingly well, too:

I really didn’t expect all the lettuce seeds we planted to actually sprout! Obviously these plants need to be thinned out before they totally run out of room to breathe and enough nutrients, and I will get to this soon. Really, I will!

The carrots are a mystery. They were slow to start, but now have those nice fernlike tops going and I’m making every effort to resist checking them for now. They should be ready by the end of June:

The dill is growing slowly, as is the basil from seed, so it remains to be seen as to whether they’ll be a success. The sage is okay, though I like using dried sage better than fresh, so will have to dry some of it. We have had some abject failures, such as the thyme we started in the kitchen that had a few strong sprouts but then faded away. The basil starts died; it was too cold for them, though I covered them well on the truly chilly nights. The peppers we started in the dining room didn’t sprout at all, which was a disappointment.  The tomato plants look rather depressed, but they do have a few yellow flowers; seems an encouraging sign, but I don’t really know.

So that’s the state of my garden at the moment. I’m having to remember to water everything now; I’d been spoiled by the Portland daily light spring rains that kept the soil nicely moist. It’s been a semi-successful venture up to this point. But I did say before I started this that if even one crop grew at all, I’d consider it a success, so I guess it is!

And I do appreciate the advice and encouragement of all my online gardener friends, though I may not have always followed their advice to the letter.  But thank you!

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