The weather in Portland today simply could not be more beautiful! As I write this, it’s 71.6 degrees with a light breeze and blue, blue skies — a treat for those of us used to mostly grey days since late last October (though they are beautiful, too). The grey skies and misty rain will be back tomorrow, but today is a day for doing anything and everything outdoors. For me, that always means camera time, so here are some photos I snapped at two different nearby parks here in southwest PDX, and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves; enjoy!

Of course, any day I get to see  Mount Hood automatically makes it a good day; I was overjoyed to be able to jump out of the car and get a clear view, as I haven’t seen it in months!

My first real spring in decades…ahhhhhh…

In other news, the lettuce seeds are sprouting, just like the seed envelope said they would! The starts are doing well and the red leaf lettuce is getting redder by the day. We’ll have frost tonight, however, so hoping they’ll all continue to do well.

All sorts of big and small pleasures wrapped up in one gorgeous day…!

6 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. I didn’t realize that you went so long without sunshine and clear skies. You certainly need some nice weather so I’m glad you got some. We’ve had a lot of those days but have settled into about a week of rain now.

    I’m really surprised to hear you say that you’ll have frost tonight. You’re a zone 3 and I’m zone 6. Our traditional “latest freeze” of the year is April 15th and I would think that yours is even earlier. Regardless, I think your lettuce will do fine.

  2. We’re in a La Nina year and have had the coldest spring on record; we’ve only hit 60 degrees a couple of times (should have been a couple dozen times by now), though we did hit 70 today. They’re saying we should anticipate the possibility of frost at night for a few more weeks yet. It’s playing havoc with everyone’s spring planting, for sure.

    Thanks for the reassurances regarding the lettuce. 🙂

  3. I love your pictures, I could not amagine living to far into the city and not see the wonderful sites of nature, I love just sitting outside our house and watching the birds and trees, love your pictures.

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