Container Gardening 101

Today began a string of what promises to be a run of sunny, or at least partly cloudy, days here in Portland, so today was planting day. I’m a little concerned because when I got up this morning there was frost on the roof, but we needed to get started; I’ll just cover the plants at night for awhile.

It’s still too cold at night for the peppers and some of the herbs, but we started the fingerling carrots, radishes and lettuce sampler from seed. However, word got around that we were going to try a little gardening, so as the day went on we received donations from friends and neighbors of extra potting soil, some well-started plants in peat pots, and even a trowel!  We started as soon as it warmed up a bit outside:

When we finished later in the day (with breaks for running errands, eating, taking the dogs out, etc.) we ended up with this:

So, as it stands, we have a lettuce sampler on the downstairs deck, and upstairs we have carrots, radishes, 3 Roma tomato plants, leaf lettuce, basil and sage.  Now it’s just a matter of tending them and keeping our fingers crossed.  Somehow I feel a weighty responsibility for all these growing things…

I’ve heard that gardening is good exercise, and it my case it certainly has been today, not because of much effort in the planting itself, but because of trying to garden upstairs and downstairs.  The garden soil is downstairs? OK, I’ll get it.  The scissors?  OK.  No, wait, I left the pot for the lettuce downstairs.  But the potting soil is upstairs. OK, I’ll get that too. Even if the garden is a failure, I’ll be in great shape!

Now for some dinner and hopefully a relaxing evening…

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