A sleeve, and a small change

Over the weekend I finished up the netbook sleeve I had mentioned in an earlier post. I was intrigued by the ones I’d seen online and although I wouldn’t use it when I carry the netbook out somewhere (it could easily slip out), it’s nice to use to keep cat and dog hairs, and possibly dust (though I use it daily), off it. And it’s whimsically cute, which doesn’t hurt.  Here it is:

This worked up quickly, and it occurred to me if I could knit a sleeve, I could certainly knit an entire sweater, so that’s next!  The “New York Scarf” went by the wayside and I changed it to a striped hat instead, as I have more use for hats than scarves.

As you may have noticed, I changed the name of this blog.  The former name just felt lame to me and rather narrow in scope.  I’m also getting the itch to change the template, but I’ve yet to decide on a new one.  Maybe I’ll just change the picture in the header of this one.  I don’t know.  Anyway, such an unimportant decision in the grand scheme of things.

It’s beautifully grey, misty and cool in Portland today.  Have a great Monday!

2 thoughts on “A sleeve, and a small change

  1. Very cute!
    I love all the creative laptop and iPad sleeves on Etsy. Your’s is certainly in the same category.
    If only I had an iPad so I could dress it up! It must be the influence of those Barbie dolls in my early years.

  2. Thanks! LOL, I know what you mean, re the “Barbie influence” — I’ll have to resist making an entire “wardrobe” for my netbook! 😉

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