Sunday night

I’d already turned off my computer this evening when I realized I hadn’t posted today (or this weekend, in fact), so I’m sending an email post from my phone.

It’s been a rainy/windy/chilly/cloudy/sunny/mild day today, changing every few minutes until I began to get tired of getting up and down to turn the lights on and off, the heat on and off, and I realized all this activity must be one of the ways Portlanders keep in shape!

Getting out for awhile this afternoon, we went to Pier 1 to look at their newly-arrived Christmas decorations and home decor items, putting me in the mood for the holidays already! Then it was a stop at Starbucks (walking in the chilly, stiff breeze the couple of blocks from the car was very bracing!), then home to watch more football. Congrats to the Seahawks today and also to the Oregon Ducks last Thursday (also to the Bucs today for beating the Rams)!

I wish everyone a wonderful week!

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