Argh, this isn’t going so well, is it?  I missed another day, yesterday!  I was helping to winterize us, however.  After working yesterday I edged six 2-yard lengths of heavy fleece to make blankets (my sewing machine soldiered on through hours of long, straight blanket stitching), which should do us for the winter.

I put two on my bed last night to see how warm they’d be — too warm!  One was more than enough, and even then I had to open the window awhile.  This is something we seldom had to think about in Florida; on our handful of really chilly January nights, we just used the comforter on the bed and maybe a throw or an afghan.  But blankets?  I was getting ready to purchase some, but then saw that JoAnn’s had their Blizzard Fleece at 60% off, which is great for blankets, so that made each blanket come out to $6.38 — nice!

Anyway, the edging took up until bedtime, which for me now is 10:30 p.m.  I haven ‘t been a morning person for a long time; for years I have enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in until just before time to pad downstairs to the computer to work, but I’m changing that now, mainly due to carving out time to write.  After a day of working it’s pretty tough to feel like working with words some more (I edit words all day long), so my writing habits were suffering.  Plus, I’ve taken a bit of time away from writing since my mom passed away recently.  So a change was in order.  I’m making sure I’m asleep by 11 p.m. and I get up at 6 a.m., which gives me a good amount of uninterrupted time to write before work.  I’m just getting used to this, however.  For the first few nights falling asleep earlier was difficult, but my body seems to be responding to the internal clock shift now, and I think each day will get easier.

I’m looking forward to posting doggies-in-sweaters pictures soon!


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