The autumn I’ve been waiting for!

I hadn’t experienced a “real” autumn in over 30 years, so on moving to Portland I couldn’t wait to get summer over with so we could get on to autumn!  And here it is!  Chilly frosty mornings, pleasant sunny afternoons, and autumn leaves!  This has been a clear, beautiful weekend, and I know the rainy days are coming soon, so I figured I’d better get out there and take pictures today!  Here we go:

(be sure to click on the pictures to see them larger!)

An even dozen pictures, though I took dozens more!  I knew I’d be keeping my camera busy this fall!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely fall weekend, wherever you are!

4 thoughts on “The autumn I’ve been waiting for!

  1. Lovely photos! Autumn is something I will miss living in southern California, so it is a treat to see it through your eyes. Please do keep your camera busy; I look forward to many more photos. 🙂

  2. Thank you! Oh, Lisette, I know you will miss those autumns back east. Well, if you miss them too much, you’ll just have to come up here and see them! 🙂

    Some local people have told me the colors will get even better soon; I don’t see how, but I’ll definitely have my camera at the ready!

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