They’re Safe!

Like so many around the world, I’ve been riveted to coverage of the Chilean miners who’ve been trapped more than 2300 feet underground since early August.  I’ve followed their story from the beginning, checking in on how they’ve been doing from time to time, but once the actual rescue started, there was no watching anything else on either TV or my computer.   Although I knew every precaution had been taken regarding their rescue and the escape capsule had been successfully tested many times, I was terribly afraid something would go wrong.  I have a personal abhorrence of being trapped anywhere, which made watching the rescue more than a little uncomfortable at times.  However, thankfully all are safely back above ground now, and though they’ll have some potentially rough life waters to navigate, at least they’re alive to work through them.  Kudos to the miners and all who’ve been involved in securing their return!

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