Getting off the sofa…

I have to say I really haven’t been exercising as I should these past few years.  In my earlier years I ran regularly, walked a lot, did weight training for a number of years, did yoga and stayed (mostly) in good shape.  Why did I let all that go??  Well, LIFE intervened, and though I made fits and starts at exercising here and there, I wasn’t consistent and usually quit after a few weeks.  I knew it wasn’t good for me to let myself become an inactive lump, but I did anyway.  Blah.

However, I have been inspired by the Portland Marathon, which was held this past weekend.  Now, I’m not sure I could ever run 26.2 miles; I’m not sure I could run even 5 miles!  But I can walk, and there is a walking event within the marathon.  I do better when I’m working toward a specific goal, so I’m stating here and now that I will walk in the walking event in the marathon in 2011.  The walk is a 10K (6.2 miles), and not in such a hilly area as here on this side of town, and I know if I follow a sensible training schedule I’ll be able to do it.  There’s a great training resource online at Everything 4 Walkers, which is just what I need.

So I started today.  Yay!

2 thoughts on “Getting off the sofa…

  1. As Robert would say, “oy!”

    I am in terrible shape, partly thanks to desk-bound work, the summer heat here, my meds, and dealing with depression. But finally last week the temps dropped down to tolerable levels, so I started out with a morning VERY SHORT walk a few mornings. Now the temps have gone back up!!! No fair! I’ll be gone on business trip next week, so I hope when I get back we will have settled into our true October weather and I can get started with walking again.

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