Today the weather has been misty, rainy, slightly cool, but pleasant.  Still, it’s the kind of weather that brings out the soup/stew/casserole recipes, and makes one enthusiastic for baking again.  Such is the case with my daughter (who turned 27 yesterday but wanted to forget all about getting one year older–just thought I’d sneak that in), who is a fabulous cook and baker herself.  Using a recipe from the wonderful cookbook, Veganomicon, she made the Leek and Bean Cassoulet.  This is a delicately flavored, yet hearty meal that we’ve enjoyed in the past, and it felt particularly good to have a generous portion today.  Here it is before we dug into it:

Earlier today I had a sudden sweet-tooth attack, so my intention was to stop by that nice candy store in the village, but the traffic wouldn’t allow!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the village this busy on Saturday, but we arrived a little later than usual, due to my having overslept today (something I don’t do often, but guess I needed the rest).  Not a parking place to be found!  We even left and came back later, but still no luck.  We’ll try again tomorrow, perhaps.

This evening will be a toss-up between catching up on my reading and trying to watch some of the many, many recordings on the DVR.  Either way, I’ll probably end up falling asleep.

My intention this weekend was to scout out more places to take fall foliage photos, but the weather is not cooperating at all.  Oh well, another time.

Hope everyone’s having a nice Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Cassoulet!

  1. Looks delicious! Keep up the good blogging!
    P.S. My blog is ‘There’s a place I Dream about’ on NaWriBloMo’- this is my other blog.

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