Sweets to the sweet

I’ve been to Multnomah Village so many times that I was sure I’d been in every shop there, but it seems I’ve missed a few!  Last Saturday, as my daughter and I strolled along the sidewalk, we encountered two men talking in front of a store.  The older man asked, in a thick European accent, “Haf you ever been in dis store?”  The younger man said, “Oh yeah, I have to stop by here every week and pick up my wife’s Jujubes.”  My ears pricked up at that; what other kinds of candy did they have in there?  I looked up and saw we were in front of  “Sweets, Etc.”  I’d walked by this store many times; today seemed a good day to stop in.

This lovely little store has fine chocolates and Umpqua ice cream, but what I honed in on right away was the left-hand wall that was filled with all the penny candies I remembered as a child:  MaryJanes, Chuckles, Sugar Babies, candy necklaces and lipsticks, candy buttons, bubble gum cigars, Bit-o-Honey, Necco wafers, and so many others.  I kept exclaiming, “Oh, look!  OMG!  I can’t believe they have these!”  I was instantly transported back to the days when as children we went around the neighborhood collecting pop bottles to exchange the 2 cents deposit per bottle for candy at the delicatessen around the corner.   We’d come home with a small paper sack of these goodies and felt we’d spent a fortune!  At this store I contented myself with a package of Chuckles, and my daughter bought a ring pop.  I’m sure I’m going to have a hard time walking by this store and not stopping in from now on!

In my last post I had mentioned the weather; tonight it’s going to be downright chilly, low 40s, and though it was clear today, there was a definite nip in the air. We’ve been thinking about our little dogs who get cold easily and wondering whether they’ll tolerate wearing little coats or even just t-shirts in the cold weather to come.  It was seldom an issue in Florida, and we’ve never tried dressing our dogs up in any way.  So today when folding laundry my daughter tried putting one of her t-shirts on Dexter, and he seemed to tolerate it fine. We tried one on Bailey as well; he seemed fine with it, too, and we think they’ll prefer having to wear clothing rather than feeling chilly.  I’m planning to make them some shirts, but we’ve found some inexpensive ready-made shirts as well.

No cold doggies!

Stay warm, everyone!

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