Better late than never…

Okay, I did NOT forget to post today, it’s just been one of those days when I said, “I’ll get to it in a minute,” a lot to myself.  Very busy day, still a number of phone calls made and received (people on the east coast still don’t realize I’m out west; I’m not at my best at 5:25 a.m.), but things are going all right.

I’ve been noticing how both the weather and the time change so quickly here; in Florida the weather and the time of sunrise and sunset changes very slowly, but the days very rapidly seem to be getting shorter here in Oregon.  Also, although it wasn’t exactly cold today, it seemed chilly, and I realized I really need to get a coat for winter soon.  I do have an all-weather coat in mind with a removal fleece lining, so hoping with some layering that will do the job.  So colder weather seems to be coming on rapidly as well.  It’ll be warmer and sunnier as the week goes on, but I need to prepare for when it’s not.

I am balancing two chihuahuas on my lap as I type this; it amazes me that they seem comfortable this way.  Ah well.

Hope everyone’s having a nice evening…

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