Summer’s End

We recently had a taste of the drizzly grey days to come here in Portland, which will be arriving regularly in the latter part of October, but today is bright, sunny and very clear.  The colors all around me were practically begging to be photographed, so I obliged:

I love an azure sky:

I’m guessing the holly trees don’t change their leaf color:

Lacy fir boughs against the sky:

My neighbor has a green thumb:

Simply blue sky in every direction:

Portland is also particularly lovely in the rain, especially because of the rain’s light, misty quality, but I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to take pictures when the rains come, as my camera isn’t waterproof, or even water resistant.  My daughter says she’ll hold an umbrella over me while I shoot photos (!), so we’ll see how that works out.

Although it’s a beautiful weekend to be outdoors, it’s also a lovely day to putter about inside.  I’ve been a bit under the weather the past couple of days with a cold, so it was nice to relax on the sofa today and read in the morning quiet.  Taking a cue from my sister, I’ve started reading and re-reading (I haven’t read all in the series yet) the books by Miss Read, and since I recently read Village School, the first of the collection, a few months ago, I started reading Village Diary today.  Reading her books is wonderful when you want to slow down, when you want a respite from the screaming news headlines, when you want literary comfort food.  If you haven’t yet sampled Miss Read’s work, give it a try, and here is a great explanation of why you should:  The Comfort of Miss Read

Along those same lines, while recovering I’m up for comfort food too–as long as it’s convenient!  I’ve always loved pot pies (as long as they have both a top AND a bottom crust, because the crust is, of course, the best part), and Amy’s makes some excellent vegetarian and vegan pot pies; I’ve had both, and for some reason the crust on the non-dairy pie tastes much better to me.  I have one in the oven now, and am looking forward to indulging in a few minutes!

I hope everyone’s enjoying a very lovely weekend!

2 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. I can’t believe there is someone else out there who reads Miss Read!

    Literary comfort food is right. Although I do enjoy “meaningful” books, interesting non-fiction, and suspense, sometimes there’s nothing like a slow walk through another countryside. I like to read about their days, where they go, their gardens, having tea, going to the market, thinking thoughts, and having conversation.

    Other favorites in that vein: any book by Alexander McCall Smith (but especially his Edinburgh series), Barbara Pym, Anglea Thirkell, even the Jan Karon series (although it was a little too preachy for me). Some children’s books do that for me, too, like the Little House series, and Little Women.

    I like to know that I won’t have to worry about the characters suddenly getting killed, or ending up in a protracted divorce battle, or ending up in court.

    and, pot pies simply MUST have top AND bottom crusts! Otherwise they don’t count as pot pies!

  2. Thank you for mentioning these other authors! I know of Barbara Pym, I’ll have to look up some of her work, along with the others you listed.

    Also, regarding the Little House books, I so loved them when I was a child! I bought an entire set of the books at a yard sale when my daughter was little, and over the course of several months enjoyed reading them aloud to her. When deciding which books we’d bring to Oregon, we didn’t bring the Little House books, so I re-read all of them again before we donated them right before we left. I predict I’ll be purchasing them again one of these days.

    And regarding pot pies — at one point many years ago Swanson decided to sell some sort of “he-man” pot pie that was larger and rectangular instead of round, and had NO bottom crust! A sacrilege! I never forgave them for that.

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