Music to the rescue!

I’ve had a rather bad last few days, things hitting out of left field, topped with some discouragement, the things that trouble us all from time to time, and had settled into somewhat of a funk lately.  I’m usually an optimistic person and bounce back from the blues rather quickly, but I just wasn’t seeing how things would get any better in some areas of my life.

But after I finished working today and went into the kitchen to prepare a little supper, I put my phone in my pocket, slipped on the headphones and this wonderful song came on the radio.  I unloaded the dishwasher and bopped around the kitchen as I fried a burger, looked out the window at the beautiful trees outside as the sun was setting, and let the music buoy me up out of the doldrums.  Things looked much better!

There are other songs that cheer me up, of course, but this is a favorite.  The recordings Frank Sinatra did with master arranger Nelson Riddle back in the 1950s are truly classic, and the way the orchestra cooks as the song goes along is positively quixotic!  So thanks to “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and company today!  Give a listen and let it permeate you…

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