I’ve spent way too much time indoors lately; today was the day to remedy that.  It’s been a cloudy, breezy, cool day in Portland, low 60s, perfect walking weather; with so many great places to walk, anywhere would have been very nice indeed, but I wanted to spend time in the deep quiet of a forested area.  Just 10 minutes away is Tryon Creek State Park, so we headed out.

Tryon Creek State Park is the only state park within a metropolitan area in Oregon:

How impressively straight and tall these two trees stand!

Just west of the main parking lot is the Nature Center, where this weekend the art sale, Nature Inspires Art, was being held.  There were paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, screen prints; all were beautiful interpretations of inspiration one gains from forests in the Pacific Northwest.

The Nature Reference Library

We then followed the path from the Nature Center to the Glenn Jackson Shelter.

A very mossy trunk; it is true that in northern areas moss grows most on the north side of trees and rocks, apparently having to do with a lack of water supply on the sides of trees and rocks facing the sun, but in a deep forest, moss grows equally on all sides.  I’m not sure how deep this forest is considered to be, but there was moss on the other side of this tree, as well.

The Glenn Jackson Shelter.  It was here that I began to feel myself reconnecting with the natural world around me.  Sitting on the bench in the quiet, listening to the birds singing and the soft wooshing of the wind in the trees, I finally began to unwind.

A view from the bench; the peacefulness was mind-quieting…

Once I got home I noticed a few leaves turning color at the top of this picture; autumn is definitely on the way!

On the “Old Main Trail”…

Beams of sunlight peeked through the clouds, highlighting the upper layers of leaves…

A last look…

What we saw was only a smidgeon of what the park has to offer; there are 645 acres to explore!  But it’s so nice to know that refreshment for the soul and spirit is only 10 minutes away.  I’ll be going back soon!

4 thoughts on “Reconnecting…

  1. So refreshing! I got just a little feeling of being in the forest–even though I’m most definitely not! How wonderful that a place like that is so close and handy. It reminds me that once the weather cools I will have to spend some time in the Indian Canyons–a series of oases that are literally 5 minutes out of downtown Palm Springs. Just like you said, making the connection with nature again–I think that’s so important!


  2. Yes! When we first arrived it was cool and rainy and I walked quite a bit, but ended up hibernating a lot of the time when the heat picked up, but after the park visit I feel more in touch with things again. When you go to the Indian Canyons, please take some pictures!

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