Well, I needed a pillow…

This morning my daughter and I were meandering around the village, and of course had to stop in at Fibers in Motion to look at fabric.  I hadn’t intended to make anything this weekend, as I had too many things to do (famous last words!), but as I wandered to the back of the store and saw the fiberfill and batting, I decided I needed to make a pillow.  I like lying on the carpet or sofa to watch TV, but rolling up a sweatshirt or using my arm for a pillow was really unsatisfactory.  A 12-ounce package of polyester fiberfill was perfect, and I bought half a yard of my favorite Asian print, called “Gingko Fantasy” by Lonni Rossi (Andover Fabrics) to make the cover:

This was a very quick project, involving only one long seam and then the closure…30 minutes later, it was done!  (including setting up the ironing board, machine, etc.)

Another picture, with accessory puppy…

This is a cool weekend here in Portland, with an even cooler beginning to the coming week, though summer-like (for the Pacific Northwest) temperatures will be back later in the week.  But it seems to me that there’s a slight, though distinct, change in the air.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, as I haven’t experienced a “real” autumn in over 30 years, and can’t wait for the leaves to start turning.  Autumn has always been my favorite time of year; I remember late Septembers when I shuffled home from school through golden piles of leaves, carrying the corduroy jacket my grandmother had made me wear in the chilly morning that was way too warm by afternoon.  I remember crisp evenings when we just caught the scent of  burning leaves, and my mother and grandmother cooked the stews and chili that were too heavy for summer days.   I took those autumns for granted then; they were just part of the cycle of seasons during my growing-up years.  I never knew how much I’d miss them when I moved to the coastal regions of the south.  There IS a change in the air, isn’t there?

One of the things I’ve noticed about Portland is the spiders; they are busy, and are very fast workers!  If I happen to disturb a web, the disturbed spider very quickly swings across two tree branches, or from bush to bush and in just a short time, another of these marvels appears.  This one was between our building and the tree as I went outside this afternoon; it was up high enough so I could just duck under it:

I realize there are biting spiders, and those that can cause big trouble, such as black widow and brown recluse spiders, but the ones I’ve seen thus far seem relatively harmless, and I find their frenzied artistic creations truly amazing.  New wonders every day in Oregon!

Now I’ll just take my pillow and settle in for the evening…

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