First Apron!

Everybody remembers making a “first apron” in “Home Ec” classes, right?  Wrong!  I did not take Home Ec in school and have never made an apron in my life, though I’ve been sewing for 41 years.  However, my daughter recently expressed an interest in learning to sew, and wanted an apron, as she does a great deal of [excellent] cooking and certainly needs one!  We looked over patterns and I thought she made a good choice, as it encompassed a number of beginner skills that would be helpful:

We found the adorable fabric at Fibers in Motion, then we hurried home with our find and set to work:

She started getting excited as she saw it taking shape, and I remembered the same excitement I felt when I made my first garment in the little class I took at a Singer Sewing Center when I was 15.  Something I could really wear was coming together, with my own hands!   Straps attached to waistband, ruffle to skirt and it all went together like this:

Nice!  And she did a great job (with a tiny bit of help from mom)!

I know quilting is all the current rage, but it’s also nice to see that sewing apparel items is making a comeback.   There’s nothing like the satisfaction of wearable creativity, and though prices have increased, there is still the satisfaction of making an item that fits and is made better and less expensively than comparable ready-to-wear items.  A combination of life factors has kept me away from sewing very much the past five years, but with a new machine and inspiration all around me in this very creative city in which I now live, how can anyone not want to jump into the creative fray?  And sew on, and sew on…

4 thoughts on “First Apron!

  1. How did you manage to avoid Home Ec. ?? It was compulsory when I was in junior high–two years of it! And being such a glutton for punishment, I took a third year!

    Anyway, totally cute apron! Really nice seeing it come together in photos. 🙂

    • Thanks! Well, I wanted to take Home Ec, hoping to learn to sew there, but if we were taking art and music, and I wanted to be in the band at that time, there wasn’t room in the schedule for Home Ec, too. I remember your making an apron yourself!

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