Sunny Saturday!

It’s been rainy and dreary for the past many days in Portland; not that I mind, of course, but I haven’t been experiencing it as long as most here, who seem very tired of it indeed.  Today was a different story!  The day broke sunny and clear, and it seemed everyone in Portland rushed outside to enjoy the wonderful spring-like weather.  When I passed my neighbor, she said brightly, “Isn’t it amazing?  Such a change in everyone’s attitude!”

Well, what that meant to me was getting outside with a camera.  We had some errands to run today, but in the course of running about, I did get some nice clear shots.

We were stopped to allow boat traffic to pass the Burnside Bridge again, but this time in the opposite direction.  I had to get out of the car myself this time and take pictures, this first of the entrance down to the Eastbank Esplanade from the bridge:

And on the other side, a view of the Willamette with the Steel Bridge, the Broadway Bridge and the Fremont Bridge in the background.  A peek of a portion of the Esplanade is also at the bottom of the picture:

The Steel Bridge deserves another look:

When the bridge closed and we started across, I was able to get a good view of the “Made in Oregon” sign:

After tooling around downtown awhile and then later after coffee in Multnomah Village, we went up into the west hills, where I was able to get two more shots.  The first is of Mount St. Helens in the distance:

I was hoping to get a really good, clear picture of Mount Hood, but some clouds had other ideas:

Well, there’ll be plenty more opportunities for a better picture soon.  What a beautiful day!

2 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday!

  1. Received this from a new reader: “Welcome to Portland! Glad we had a gloriously sunny day today. Tomorrow (well, today as it’s 3am as I write this) will be rainy! But MONDAY and TUESDAY should be great! Hope you have a bicycle. Cheers!”

    Hey, thanks so much!

  2. Looks lovely! Glad you had the opportunity to get out and appreciate it. What a fun place to take your time and explore.

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