Thoughts on leaving…

Since I will be leaving Florida, where I have lived nearly 26 years, tomorrow morning, I feel I should post something significant, but I really don’t feel much of anything other than relief. I am particularly relieved that we’ll be escaping the heat and humidity that’s forecast to ramp up exponentially starting this weekend, but by that time I’ll be far away, steadily streaming toward Oregon.

Today is a day of finishing up odds and ends, doing a last load of laundry, taking the computers down and packing the car later this afternoon when the sun starts to go down. Then we’ll try to have a leisurely evening before trying to sleep, though I doubt we’ll sleep much before getting up very early to leave.

I’m glad to be going, but it’s not really Florida’s fault. I have known some wonderful people here, seen some beautiful sights and enjoyed many experiences, though I’ve always hoped I wouldn’t have to be here forever.

So it’s the end of an era…goodbye, Florida…hello, Oregon!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on leaving…

  1. I never got to meet you except on Ravelry. You don’t know how jealous I am! While I hae never set foot in Oregon, I have dreamt of living there. Originally from Alberta, the South has had me far too long. Lucky you! Enjoy the adventure.

  2. Thank you! Before moving to Oregon, I had never set foot in it either! But it was time to tackle a big dream, and we were fortunate everything came to pass. I know what you mean about the south; I’ve lived in it nearly all my adult life, but am glad to be in the cooler temperatures “up north” now. Yay!

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