60 Days Out

Time is REALLY flying now, and we haven’t yet fully secured a place to live, but hope to firm something up (somewhere!) soon.  That’s still the most disconcerting part of this endeavor.  I long for the relative peace of mind that will come when we finally know where our new home will be.

Everything else is pretty much falling into place.  We’ve been making list upon list, deciding what kitchen items are necessary, what clothes to donate and which to discard altogether, which books to donate (wah!  Books are friends, it’s so difficult to part with them!), etc.  I haven’t been posting at 10-day intervals, i.e. “80 Days Out”, “70 Days Out”, because there’s just not a whole lot to say about the do-re-mi of getting ready to move.  Plus I’ve been busy workwise.

I’m feeling less and less connected to Florida; unless there’s a major weather event or traffic information I need to be aware of, I really don’t read or watch the local news anymore.  I do read the news for Portland and Oregon in general, however, and after almost a year of researching the area, news stories with familiar place-names have become comforting and reassuring.   I can finally say, “I’ll be there in just a few weeks!”, although there is at times a sense that this is somewhat surreal, as well.

I hope by the time I write “50 Days Out” I’ll know where the end of 50 days will find us!

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