90 Days Out

As I write this, at this time 13 weeks from today we will be tooling northeast along I-24, nearing Nashville.  Hopefully I will have gotten a bit of a nap so as to relieve my daughter of the driving duties for awhile, and perhaps the pets will have gotten in some nap time as well (VERY wishful thinking!).  We will have just completed another of our 15-minute, every-2-hour breaks and all will be going according to plan–ideally!

At this point, with 90 days to go, we’re getting more serious now about what we will and won’t take along.  We’re going to be traveling in a smaller vehicle than first thought, so space will be at a premium.  The moving bags I’ve been knitting and crocheting will come in handy for tucking items here and there.

Currently I have all the family pictures from 1890 onward in my possession, and I’m trying to think of a creative way to take them along, as I’ve promised my sister nothing would happen to them.  I’ve been going through them, eliminating duplicates (why are there 5 copies of the same group of trees?) and blurred shots (who the heck is in that picture?), and except for the large portraits, which I will pack flat somehow, most can be packed in a plastic file box.  Finding ways to take things along is the easy part; the hard part is what to leave behind.  Books, especially; I’ll be taking along a few book-friends, but most will be donated to the local Friends of the Library bookstore for someone else to enjoy.

A week from Monday the National Kidney Foundation will be in the neighborhood to pick up donated items; they come around about 4 times a year, and I’ll have several bags and boxes to put out for them this time, particularly kitchen items, clothes and stuffed animals.  I’d love to take all our stuffed friends, but there’s simply no space.  I hope some lucky children (or adults!) will love them as well (okay, I am taking one bear…well, maybe two).

Thinking about what to take and how to pack it is actually small busywork that is a distraction from the bigger problem, which is where will we live?  Though there have been some possibilities, there’s still been nothing definite, and it occurred to me the other day that perhaps I should broaden my horizons a bit.  I have been pretty specific in my search area, hoping to be as close to downtown as we could afford, but because of our circumstance with multiple pets, we will likely need to compromise on location.  As long as we are conveniently near a good bus line or the MAX, and cable (internet) is available,  everything else is workable.  But that’s the last piece of the puzzle for me; my mind will be considerably eased once we know for sure where we’ll be.  I study Craig’s List and other resources every day, and also place a CL ad of my own once a week.  Something will come through for us, I am sure!

Back to the business at hand…

8 thoughts on “90 Days Out

  1. I’m sure you will find a good place to live. Do you know anyone in that area? Do you know what route you will be taking on your drive? I’m sorry you have to give up the stuffed animals–mine are still with me, but I have a feeling I will have to pare down when next we move!

    • I hope we will; I’ll do my best to find one. I don’t know anyone personally in the area, although I do know several people online who have been very helpful. Some are Portland natives, some are others who have moved there and given me some of the benefit of their experience. Thank goodness for the access to online research! Yes, re the stuffed animals; most are either gifts from my sister, who also loves stuffed animals, or from my daughter, including a little stuffed dog she gave my husband and I as a wedding present when she was 7 years old! I’m keeping a red/orange bear from my Avon-selling days (he also talks, but I like him better with the battery out) and also a bear from my sister; well, maybe I can tuck another couple in the car as well.

    • Oh, regarding the route; yes, we will be taking I-80 most of the way west; it’s the shortest distance with the most gradual grades (other than around Laramie). I’ve timed it out to 53 hours, including 15-minute breaks every 2 hours. It’ll be quite the marathon, for sure. It would be nicer if we could take a more leisurely trip; I’ve flown to the west coast but never driven, and it would have been fun to stop and see things along the way, but that’ll have to wait for another time.

    • Yes, a long time ago when I first talked about this on MySpace you mentioned Ralph. He and I have talked a few times since then and he gave me some very good pointers on what sections I’d probably want to avoid. I’ve used that as a guideline ever since. Thank you again for telling me about him!

  2. Yes, a long time ago when I first talked about this on MySpace you mentioned Ralph. He and I have talked a few times since then and he gave me some very good pointers on what sections I’d probably want to avoid. I’ve used that as a guideline ever since. Thank you again for telling me about him!

  3. Hi! Was glad I saw this link on your facebook page. I am excited for you – making a dream come true. Good luck with all the decisions – what to take, what to leave – that you need to make. What did you decide about your house in Florida? Did it sell? Or did -ex buy your half? Not trying to be nosey, but you had written about it previously.
    Anyway, I”ll be checking regularly now for your updates. Good luck! These 90 days will go so fast.

    • Thank you for the good wishes; I’m glad for all of them I can get from everyone! My husband (eventual ex) is going to be staying in the house and will work on selling it; not an easy task in Florida these days! Glad to see you here!

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