Expanding One’s Presence

I have to admit, I’m attracted to online gadgets and their features. What can they do, what can I learn about them today that I didn’t know yesterday, what are the bells and whistles, what are they compatible with, etc., etc. This is especially true of social networking sites, and I signed up for a new one today.

It’s fun to choose a theme, customize some colors, click on boxes and radio buttons to experience the full features a site has to offer, but, as I mentioned in my first post at the site, is it helpful, is it useful. Is it helping me get where I want to go on the web? And, most importantly, will it take time away from the writing assignments I need to do for pay?

I hemmed and hawed about Tumblr today, but finally decided yes, it would be helpful and no, if I pay attention to time management (the bane of my existence) it won’t get in the way of my work. But I am cognizant of the fact that each time I use a website or gadget to increase my online presence, I run the risk of falling into timewasting mode. So apportioning online time is the order of the day.

Do your online sites save you time or waste your time? I’d like to know.

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