Where I’m Going…

The key for me now is to invoke the discipline necessary to write on a schedule, preferably in a particular place, and to submit my work to publishers regularly. I have never been a person who waits for the spirit to move me before writing; I know that moving the spirit by writing no matter what is the important thing. My problem in the past has often stemmed from not being assertive with family and friends regarding my writing time, though I certainly could have been. I have always felt a bit guilty about taking “me time” for writing, or even for just “being”, as I felt I was imposing on others by not being available for them. Perhaps it’s not so much this way now for women, but I was raised in a generation where women still put themselves last in line in the family. Making sure everyone else had what they needed, were fed first, were listened to, provided for and comforted in any way necessary before taking care of oneself was the order of the day for women. A healthy selfishness never did feel healthy, just selfish.

In another post I’ll discuss why I prefer writing nonfiction to fiction, but suffice it to say for now that I plan to write articles and creative nonfiction stories that pertain to women’s issues. As I find my voice within that large field of discussion I will explore the issues that hold the most meaning for me, and plan to develop topics I can use in speaking to various groups who are interested in what I have to say.

This blog will document my writing journey from this day forward, as a repository for tales of my own adventure, but also in the hopes that it will encourage others to take up their pen, pencil, typewriter or computer and embark on a journey of their own.

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